Are your cookies as yummy and as talented as those pictured above?

Yummy? Not so much. - Talented? Absolutely!

Web Cookies collect information needed to let the webshop function like it should.

Cookies from are safe and best of all, calorie free.
They do not contain or collect personal information and are harmless to your system of choice.

Do you have a chocolate chip version available?

Nope. No Chips Here.

These cookies make sure that:
- you will stay logged in;
- items in your shopping cart will be saved;
- you can shop in a safe online environment;
- you can read and write reviews;
- the website is fast;
- errors and discomforts can be traced back and solved;
- enhancement can be tested;
- we can give you recommendations on products based on your likes;
- you can share products via social media. 

How long will these cookies be available?

Most of the cookies from go away when you close your browser window.
Some cookies will stay for several days or several years.

Can I just toss these cookies and save myself the eventual weight gain?

Yes! You can clear your browser's cookie crumb trail in "Settings - Clear Cookies".


Clearing those crumbs may not be ideal because:

1. It's a waste of perfectly baked cookies.
2. You will most likely grab more next time you stop and see us since most websites
(much like humans), don't function as well as they should when they are craving cookies!